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New study says generic phentermine is effective for long-term use


New study says generic phentermine is effective for long-term use

Weight-loss wonder drug appears safe to be taken over long periods

July 3, 2019; Philadelphia, PA – In 1959, the weight-loss drug phentermine was first introduced to the American medical market. Since then, it has become one of the most prescribed weight-loss medications in the United States to help users in their battles with weight and obesity. Generic phentermine has been available to obesity suffers with companies such as Discount Drug Network offering individuals major savings on the medication.

At one time phentermine was prescribed to patients as a short-term medication enabling them to lose weight. A new study reported on by UPI has found that phentermine is safe and effective for long-term use, however. The new research changes the previously conceived notions of the weight-loss wonder drug. Now, users can take phentermine for long periods and benefit from the drug. Phentermine takers won’t only continue to lose weight, but they will keep it off.

Discount Drug Network has helped thousands of obese Americans thanks its generic phentermine products. Website users can use a special phentermine coupon to gain savings on the drug at local pharmacies. Discount Drug Network, provider of the Prescription Discount Card, covers millions of Americans and leverages the power of group purchasing to negotiate discounts on behalf of its members. Obesity suffers can now gain generic phentermine products for less money than they would normally spend. 


Phentermine is not covered by most insurance plans or Medicare, which means users could spend over $35 for a bottle of the weight-loss drug. According to Discount Drug Network, a phentermine coupon could enable individuals to purchase the medication for under $10. Generic phentermine could save users nearly 75% on the regular retail price.

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In June of this year, the American Medical Association declared obesity to be a disease. Nearly 40% of all Americans are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The decision to label obesity as a disease shows just how serious and dangerous it is in America today. On the up side, labeling obesity a disease may enable sufferers to gain insurance benefits for medication and surgery to help them lose weight

Until insurance companies begin covering weight-loss medication and surgeries, sufferers can use generic phentermine to help them lose extra pounds. 

According to Discount Drug Network, the phentermine coupon will allow individuals to save on every purchase of the weight-loss medication. In addition, users can purchase generic phentermine quickly and easily.

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