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Lawyer who lost nearly 200 pounds

weight loss

Lawyer who lost nearly 200 pounds

weight lossJoanna Pearson is an attorney at law from Tempe, Arizona. For a very long time, she weighed almost 420 pounds at her heaviest and suffered a lot for it. She was discriminated against almost everywhere she went. She had a very complicated life due to her excess weight although she was partly to blame for it. She ate three fast-food meals every day, took a lot of soda, which made her weight increase out of control. At barely 37 years of age, she said she went through so many embarrassing situations. In fact, she needed to ask for seat belt extenders from cabin crews on planes. This embarrassment and shame she felt were what spurred her into going on a diet and losing weight, just for the sake of her health.

In just the space of three years, Joanna reduced drastically and lost half her body weight without necessarily using weight loss products. She eventually dropped to a size 12 which she is very proud of. As a matter of fact, the attorney at law lost 75 pounds in just nine months. After reaching a stable level, she started to realize she needed to be more determined to achieve her ultimate aim of losing half bodyweight without the help of weight loss products. This eventually happened after three years of ditching fizzy drinks, cooking and eating healthier meal types instead of ordering takeaways and barely using weight loss products.

weight lossHowever, despite the miraculous loss of weight, Joanna Pearson is being afflicted by the aftermath of it. Unfortunately, she believes she is now being plagued by a lot of things manifesting as the aftermath of her success. She said she is haunted by excess skin, stretch marks, and viscerally reviling scars.

She said her legs, arms and stomach have now become a source of worry for her. Pearson has also talked to a lot of surgeons to discuss getting rid of the excess skin. However, it turned out that it is not only expensive but also not covered by insurance companies because it is seen as cosmetic surgery.weight lossThe attorney at law is now fundraising to pay for the operation which she thinks will help her to complete her mental and body transformation and give her a more positive life. She has already spent almost all of her own money taking care of her seriously sick father. This means she is left with no option than to find funds herself from external sources.

According to Pearson, she feels a lot discouraged because she worked so hard and has come a long way only to see the relics of her old life still dragging her behind. No doubt, it is a constant reminder of the things she went through and it only brings up those horrible memories again. She said she has not been able to appreciate all the positives she has achieved and the ways her body has changed since she continues to be haunted by loose skin.

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