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Great ways to keep your weight loss pills close by

poison ring

Great ways to keep your weight loss pills close by

Whether it is weight loss products, vitamins, aspirin, or the many prescription or over-the-counter pills that are taken every day, keeping them nearby can be problematic. This is because most people do not think of creative ways to keep their pills handy. However, there is a wide range of products from organizers to something more discreet such as poison ring that may be the answer.

What follows are five nifty products or devices that you can use to keep your pills nearby. They range from the obvious to the discreet.

Macaron Container
This is a container that looks pretty tasty on its own and you may have to fight to remember that it is not edible. The container itself can be easily carried in your pocket or purse, is large enough to hold several pills, and has a tight seal so it is less likely to be damaged and spill the products. For those who need just a few weight loss pills, this may be the perfect choice.poison ring

Poison Ring
This is a ring that contains a secret compartment for carrying pills. The ring itself is innocuous and probably will not garner a second look. But it does offer the advantage of keeping pills literally on your finger so you can take it when needed. This type of ring has been around for many centuries. It was originally used to hold spices, but when it made its way to Europe another, deadlier use came to mind which is why it is now called a poison ring.

Soft-Squeeze Pouch
Made from a flexible plastic, this soft-squeeze pouch can hold several weight loss pills at a time. You simply squeeze the sides and it opens to pour the contents into your hand. Because it is flexible, it resists impacts better than many hard-plastic containers. But arguably more importantly, you will not hear the sound of pills bouncing around as if you were carrying maracas.poison ring

Before plastic, small cases made of tin were the order of the day. These tin containers are lightweight, durable, and perfect for carrying your weight loss products. Plus, you can decorate your tin to make it less obvious as to what you are carrying. Being discreet, small, and effective, tin containers are becoming even more popular today.

Travel Pill Organizer
If you are carrying a variety of pills, then you can keep them separate with a handy travel organizer. This comes in its own case and can keep your pills separated, so you know which ones to take and when. Although larger than most other organizers in this list, it’s still quite small and fits into your purse or satchel with ease.

If you are looking for ways to keep your weight loss products, vitamins, prescription medications, or other pills nearby, you cannot go wrong with the products and organizers listed in this article. Whether you choose to be discreet with a poison ring or create a simple, large organizer, these are all great ways to keep your pills handy.

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