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Can CBD Help Support Weight Loss

CBD and weight loss

Can CBD Help Support Weight Loss

discover cbdFrom what you have been reading on the internet, it may seem that CBD can do just about anything. Otherwise known as cannabidiol, CBD has helped many people with different medical conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, and more. Therefore, it may seem inevitable that CBD and weight loss are now being associated. To discover CBD for weight loss treatment may seem far-fetched, but the evidence is growing that it does have a positive effect.

Where CBD and Weight Loss Started
The first indications that CBD may help people lose weight was studies on those who smoked marijuana on a regular basis. Cannabis users in general tend to be leaner compared to non-cannabis users. This is true even with cannabis users generally eating more compared to those who never smoked marijuana.

What has been discovered in research is that those who take CBD have fewer cravings and a lower appetite. However, there has been contradictory research as well indicating that maintaining a low weight while using CBD is no more effective than not using CBD. Such contradictions are not unusual given the relatively recent nature of most studies at this point.

Doesn’t CBD Make You Eat More?
You may be confusing CBD with THC, the psychotropic compound in cannabis that gets you “high” and causes the munchies. CBD may contain trace amounts of THC depending on where it came from and how it was processed. Research has indicated that CBD does not affect your appetite in the same manner as THC. Although some of the effects may help you feel more relaxed and free of pain which helps some people eat better as a result.

CBD and weight lossCan CBD Help with Weight Loss?
There is no hard evidence right now to suggest that CBD helps people lose weight and keep it off. The evidence that does exist tends to suggest that people who use CBD regularly can lower their anxiety levels, reduce inflammation and pain, and generally feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is the indirect conditions that CBD creates which may help some people lose weight. For example, stress has a debilitating effect on the body. One such effect is gaining weight usually due to eating more because of the anxiety or stress that is being felt. By creating a greater feeling of relaxation, the effects of lowering stress created a more normal eating approach.

Therefore, it does seem that some people will benefit from taking CBD. However, that must be coordinated with a discover cbdproper diet and exercise program to lose the excess fat. CBD alone is not going to create a slimmer you. But it may help in keeping you on your diet and exercise regime.

Whether CBD and weight loss will work for you depends in large part on your current physical condition, the number and type of medications you take, your age, and whether you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. However, you may discover CBD can help in certain ways to help you lose and maintain your weight loss over time.

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