Body By Vi By Visalus Reviewed - Weight Loss Products That Work
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Body By Vi By Visalus Reviewed


Body By Vi By Visalus Reviewed

Visalus Sciences is an MLM company, which was set up in 2005 by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen. Both founders are still young entrepreneurs, although it would be appropriate to call them MLM veterans as well. Currently, Ryan Blair is the CEO of Visalus, and there are numerous other skilled professionals involved in the company.

Fitness products by Visalus

Visalus is just one of many health and wellness MLM companies. Presently, the company provides three different products: the Visalus Vi Pak (a product designed to offer the body every nutrient it requires), the Visalus Neuro (an energy drink) and the Visalus Vi Shape (a fat loss supplement).

As well as the products, Visalus promotes its’ 90 day Body By Vi challenge. By using their various products, Visalus says you will obtain a more sculpted body and feel better than ever before.

If you wish to become a distributor for Visalus, you will have to pay a yearly subscription charge of $25.00. These days, there are lots of free opportunities available, so this is still something to ponder over. After you are signed up as a representative, you can begin to earn cash using the business model.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan with Visalus is purported to be a “guide to prosperity”. This plan is a uni level plan with 8 levels, and 8 different methods to earn cash.

These include the First Order Bonus, Direct Sales and Personal Customer Commissions, the Fast Start Bonus, the Weekly Enroller’s Pool, the BMW Bonus, Team Commissions, the Ambassador Star Bonus and the Leadership Bonus.

If you wish to make money with Visalus, you have to be a proactive distributor. This means sustaining a monthly Personal Qualification Volume of $125.00, or a $200.00 Personal Qualification Volume in retail sales.


Visalus is not a con. It is a genuine MLM company, which provides the chance to make large residual income to anyone who is interested in earning cash. Nowadays, with the huge number of MLM companies, it is difficult to pick a reliable, but not yet saturated company.

Visalus might be a company that fulfills this criteria. The issue with slimming products, such as the ones offered by Visalus, is that they work only if you never ate well or exercised before.

Thus, essentially, if you promote the Body By Vi challenge to healthy people, they will not witness results from consuming the products. It may well be the case that unhealthy people will enjoy excellent results (as the company name states: it is a question of science).

However, there are lots of other MLM companies, which promote weight loss products that work for everyone (not only for those who are unhealthy). Finally, Visalus provides a generous compensation plan, so this could help people to earn more money.

Nonetheless, if you do not understand how to promote your business opportunity effectively, you will not succeed. If you do not manage to enroll new team recruits, you will just be one of the large number of people who fail at MLM.

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